I've had blogs in the past-- I like to write, but I also like to interact with readers, so this new blog- where there is no interaction, is a drag! I don't know if I can keep it up. 

I guess I should write something other than that...

Let me explain "fussy cutting" to you, in case you don't know this term. With certain prints, the pattern is random and can be cut any ole way (ie: this is the easiest type pattern and has the least amount of wasted fabric). Then there's the one-way, directional fabric where some of the fabric is lost to having to cut out patterns a certain way so the design isn't upside down. And then there's fussy cutting.

Fussy cutting is what it sounds like; it's fussy. I do it a lot. Some fabrics, like the cat bag in the photo, had to be cut very specific to placement. With some prints, there's a lot of waste in order to get "the good stuff". 

Now you know. ha!

Wish you all could talk to me! I'll see if I can keep this one-sided conversation up.