What it's all about

Starting with the very first bag I made to sell in the early 90s, I have lived with piles and piles of fabric. Through every job I've had, there has been a sewing space. The space turned into a room (or two- or, who am I kidding: my whole house) and turned into a full time business. Being able to create designs and make fun, utilitarian purses, is one of many things that provide me with endless happiness. It's a joy to share them with people!

All my bags are vegan, with the exception of the applique work done with silk/rayon brocade (only used in the large satchels with octopus and swan designs). And of course-- any fur used for bunny tails or squirrels-- is FAKE! fake fake fake! Rest easy my friends. I'm an animal lover.

Besides shopping online, you can find me at select arts and craft fairs in Texas. I will do my best to keep an updated list of shows on this website!

If you're really slacking off at work and want to see behind the scenes and other stuff that happens at Bolsa Bonita headquarters, follow me on Instagram! https://www.instagram.com/bolsa_bonita/

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